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                ABOUT JIRUI
                Address of president  \  Brief Introduction  \  Prominent management  \  Enterprise honors  \  Office environment  \  Workshop & equipment
                Jiangyin Jirui Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd is located in Dongmeng Technology Zone, Nanzha Town, Jiangyin City, a flourishing city near to Shanghai in the east, close to the Yangtze River in the north and 5 km away from Jiangyin Yangtze River Bridge, enjoying convenient traffic conditions Our company takes a land area of 25,OOO m2 and a construction area of 15000 m2. Our business philosophy: sincerity, innovation, harmony and efficiency Our company centers on economic benefit, adheres to the principle of excellent return... ...
                • Granulating series
                • Drying series
                • Mixing series
                • Transferring series
                • Cleaning series
                • Auxiliary series


                Add:Jiangyin City South Gate Town ASEAN Science and Technology Park No.8 ASEAN Road